The impact of the pandemic cannot be underestimated. Individuals and organisations will be managing this for years to come.

Workplaces are changing. Cultures are changing. Business models are changing. Leaders are having to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and asking even more of their teams as they navigate the return to office (or not). No-one knows what’s in store for us. No-one has the answers (be wary if they say they do).

Instead, now is the time to prime mindsets for new ways of working, equip your teams and leaders with the skills and habits needed to navigate what’s to come, and to re-energise, re-motivate and re-connect your people, who have been kept apart for so long. Now is the time to bounce-back, ready for whatever’s next.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been supporting teams and leaders in rethinking their cultures to adapt to a virtual way of working, helping them stay productive, motivated and able to look after their mental health. As we begin to emerge, we’re continuing this, with a focus on helping teams adapt to a post-pandemic world.

In addition to our wider work on helping develop future-fit, purpose-driven, sustainable and inclusive cultures, we’re also continuing to offer two programmes specifically designed for supporting leaders during this transition, and helping teams cope with and thrive upon this next round of change. Here’s a reminder of what we’re doing…



Your leaders have responded to the crisis of the pandemic, and are likely now working to recover, rebuild and take advantage of the new opportunities that will inevitably present themselves. But in order to really thrive in 2021 and beyond leaders require a new skillset, one that their experiences to date may not have prepared them for.

Our Leading Through Change programme will help take leaders through a 5-10 week behaviour change course that includes the best of Kin&Co’s extensive leadership and resilience programmes and applies it to the post-pandemic context. The programme helps leaders develop self-awareness and the behaviours needed to lead resiliently, and to build resilience and motivation within teams.

Each session takes a deep-dive into a different behaviour, providing theory, best practice and practical tools and techniques leaders can use immediately, across topics such as psychological safety, belonging, recognition in a remote environment, connection to purpose, empowerment and adaptivity.

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Recent research shows that COVID has increased rates of burnout by 15%, and in companies with ‘non-thriving’ cultures, by anything up to 81%. Re-entry anxiety is also very real and will take time to process. The long-term impact of the pandemic on individuals, teams and entire organisations cannot be underestimated.

Throughout the pandemic we’ve supported teams in fighting burnout and building practical resilience techniques, boosting energy and improving work-life balance and accountability towards mental health amongst colleagues. This means more than just providing resources or one-off training. It’s about real behaviour change.

Our 5-10 week course has been hugely popular with teams of all shapes and sizes – from frontline colleagues to senior executives, it creates valuable opportunities for teams to connect, refocus and build habits around their own wellbeing.

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