What makes people love an organisation, a brand? The evidence is clear – it’s all about what they stand for in the world. Their values, identity and purpose beyond making a profit. And how they communicate that, internally and externally.

Our Model

We help organisations find or rediscover that core identity, live it in their operations and culture and communicate it in a compelling way that draws people to them like a magnet.


Finding – or better articulating – a core identity and set of values that will make your team, your customers and your community love you.

  • Purpose and values
  • Brand proposition
  • Business strategy


Creating vibrant, happy cultures that increase productivity, loyalty and advocacy, while improving systems, products and policies that walk the talk.

  • Culture change
  • Employee engagement
  • Sustainability
  • Organisational development


Shouting about all your great work to the outside world. Delivering award-winning marketing and communications that create measurable results.

  • Digital and social
  • Design
  • Media relations and PR
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Content marketing

Contact us: info@kinandco.com or call 020 7183 2654 (UK) 416-624-2216 (CA)